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“You’ll never go to another festival quite like Patche. Its remoteness, its outback feel... it’s a winner. I had a hoot – and I wish I could sing at it every year. Long live Patchewollock Music Festival.”
- Greg Champion, 2015 performer.


Tai Chi in Patchewollock

In addition to a weekend of fantastic music and entertainment, we are also introducing something new to our 2019 festival. 

For the first time we will be running a Tai Chi workshop on Saturday morning under the expert guidance of Brendan.

“Rejuvenate your body and relax your mind.”

Energise your mind, body and spirit with a relaxing session of Tai Chi. Give yourself the kick start you may need to boost your energy levels. Tai Chi is an ancient art of moving meditation which combines a series of gentle flowing movements and postures which help strengthen and relax the body. Join Brendan as he guides you through this gentle practice of Tai Chi.

Patchewollock Fire Station, Saturday October 19 at 8.45am.

2019 artists announced

We are thrilled to announce the amazing artists who will be performing at our 2019 Festival:

Sara Storer, Davidson Brothers, Greg Champion, Missy Raines Trio (USA), Cat Canteri, Rich Davies & The Low Road, Gleny Rae Virus & Her Playboys, Marco Gliori, Mick Coates & The Allnitelongers, Gary & Georgia Rose, Jeff Gibson.

Patchewollock celebrates 100 years

2018 marks 100 years since Patchewollock’s first building, a hall, was erected in Jackson’s paddock a kilometer from the present site of the town. This hall was used for functions, gatherings and also as a school for the children of the early settlers.

Some of these pioneers had settled here as early as 1914, but after WWI returning servicemen began to take up blocks of land, quickly boosting the population of the area.

In 1925 the railway line was completed, terminating one kilometer away. This saw the existing buildings relocated to the new site and, in 1926, the erection of 14 new buildings.

Much of critical importance happened in those early years, especially the completion of the channel system in 1921, which brought a more or less permanent water supply for stock and domestic purposes. Telephone lines were built in 1925, establishing much needed communication.

Interesting to note that 1918 was the last time Lake Agnes at Pine Plains filled with water from the Wimmera river system, caused in part by the damming of southern catchment areas.

Winners are Grinners!

We are very proud to say that the Patchewollock Music Festival has just been awarded 'Community Event of the Year' in the 2016 Mildura Rural City Council Australia Day Awards! It is wonderful recognition for all those who have worked so hard to make the festival such a fantastic event.