The Shed Heads

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The Shed Heads

The Shed Heads is a trio made up of Chris Wilson, Robert Thorn & Norbert Mancusi with over 100 years experience between them, who have come together from their own amazing walks of musical life linked to ACDC, Angry Anderson, Big Combo, Russell Morris, Renee Geyer, Gold Chisel, Australia Crawl, to grace Patchewollock a highly requested cover set.  


Chris Wilson

Chris has been in the Australian music industry playing piano and guitar for almost 50 years, playing in early 70s rock and roll bands with members of “AC/DC” and Angry Anderson. He then joined Mick Pealing, singer of legendary Australian country rock band “Stars”. In 1981 he joined Broderick Smith's “Big Combo” which became an iconic Australian country rock band itself. After touring with Russell Morris and Renee Geyer, Chris travelled to Tamworth in 1987 performing many shows with a large collective of musicians. He has also toured America playing and winning songwriting awards in Nashville, releasing solo albums whilst running his own recording studio since 2000. Recipient of numerous other awards, he has many stories to tell..

Robert Thorne
Born in Wimbledon London, Robert migrated to Australia and studied at Perth University, achieving his bachelor in music and teaching for “Blues Bus” in 1995 which is still performing today.. Robert is one of the finest blues and slide guitarists in Melbourne. He toured America extensively in the 90s with Harper.

Norbert Mancusi
Has been playing drums in Melbourne bands for over 30 years was the original drummer in Australian crawl is currently playing with Normie Rowe and “Gold Chisel” tribute band.